Bringing you cultural economical training programs, blogs, talks and presentations, podcasts, and much more. 

Culturics is based on the ideas of bringing cultural economics into projects and initiatives.


What does it mean?


It means bringing you financial sustainability and literacy, knowledge about funding opportunities, creating and developing concepts, finding collaboration partners, and lots of tools to become sustainable throughout your creative process.


We train individuals, organizations, and institutions in understanding their skills and how to improve them.

Applying cultural economics means finding sustainability, growth and new opportunities.


Alfiero Zanotto

Founder of Culturics

 Alfiero is on of the two founders of Culturics. He has over a decade of experience of working in the public sector in the Nordics, specifically with funding programs for the arts, culture, and educational sectors. Alfiero mainly focuses on assisting clients with application writing, concept development and researching funding opportunities.

Madeleine Zanotto 

Founder of Culturics

Madeleine is one of the two founders of Culturics. She brings extensive expertise in the fields of literature, and specifically Nordic literature. At Culturics she is mainly focusing on reviewing and proof-reading application related content, idea and concept generation and overall coordination of the firm.

Elisabetta Turaglio

Associate partner

Elisabetta’s area of expertise covers Nordic cooperation in the cultural sector, given her past working roles for different international cooperation institutions in the Nordic region and Northern areas of Europe. Her expertise expands towards European cooperation for Arts, as she additionally evaluates applications for Brussels-based cultural funding programs.

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